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Taxi service

If itís your first visit to Poltava and you donít know the city well, if you want to avoid inconveniences connected with public transport and just to enjoy your trip than the only thing you should do is to call Poltava taxi service.

Taxi order can be made both by stationary phone and by number of any mobile operator suitable for you. Average time of waiting within city limits is 7 minutes. If you use Poltava taxi services you will always be in time at meeting, conference, station, wedding, etc. In addition, all taxi services operate around the clock.

According to price, waiting time and class the cars of taxi services can be divided into three categories: VIP, middle class, economy class. Along with passenger cars you can order microbuses, trucks and special cars (minibuses, high sided trucks, dump trucks, wreckers, manipulators).

Most taxi services also provide:

  • towing;
  • loading services;
  • technical help;
  • courier services.

There is discount system for regular clients (call taxi services to check availability).Also there is possibility to calculate the cost of travel.