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Tourist Poltava


Shwedska Mogyla st., 28

Phone: +38 (0532) 69-06-10.

Work time:

9.00 a.m. — 5.00 p.m.


The Tourist information center

Since September 2011 the Tourist information center has been working in Poltava, it is situated in the territory of the most visited museum – SHCR «The Field of the Great Poltava Battle». The visitors are provided with consultations, Internet, phone, information about the city tourism infrastructure (museums, cultural institutions, informative entertainment, temporary accommodation, food, transport etc.) Comfortable bicycle parking is situated nearby.

Also considerable variety of souvenirs is offered to remember the visit to Poltava. These are mostly works of Poltava craftsmen including wood and reed mace products, Opishnyanski ceramics, soaked in milk Poltava ceramics. Works of craftsmen from Pyriatyn, nodal dolls, charms and embroidered shirts of Poltava region, travel guides, maps, guides by local printing offices, literature about the Poltava region, military historical miniatures of Poltava battle period. Vide range of products for any taste is constantly renewed. Caring people work in the TIC, who gladly help every visitor.

Welcome to the Tourist information center in Poltava!