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Stritenska st. 19A

Phone: +38 (0532) 50-00-27.

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Ukrainian Souvenir salon

There are a lot of wonderful souvenirs in this shop. They are: talismans and candlesticks, blackened with smoke ceramic, coffee services, decorative ceramic from Opishnya, paintings of Petrikov, and such jigulines as water bottles, pots, makytras, bowls, flowerpots, kumanets-jugs and decorative small barrels.

Also you can find here shirts and chemises, dresses for kids and adult, tablecloths, bedspreads, serviettes, lased clothes, curtains, wood painting, wood incrustation, children toys, handmade ceramic dishes, wooden painted vases, salad bowls, goblets, vessel for dry goods, painted plates, metal trays, china sets, faience blocks, paintings of amateurs and skilled artists. There are thousands of various good in the shop in general.