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Souvenir shop «Sich-souvenir»

Nowadays like in ancient times Ukrainian people try to diversify their life, decorate houses, make something by their own hands or just have any beautify things which can make everyday ordinary life brighter. Ukrainian nation has always been rich in creative and talented craftsmen – potters, blacksmiths, seamstresses, etc. The centuries-long history of combining numerous customs and traditions is reflected in the works of contemporary Ukrainian authors, who preserved in their products for future generation the history, culture and ethnic identity of Ukraine. Today in modern life we call it a simple word – Ukrainian souvenir.

Our gift shop is proud to offer Poltavites and visitors such products as Ukrainian handmade souvenirs created by the best Ukrainian masters.

Also Poltavites and visitors are offered the opportunity to try themselves as blacksmiths and strike a coin at coin attraction "Smithy of happiness" to remember Poltava