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Petrovsky park

Poltava Petrovsky park is the monument of landscape architecture (since 1964). The park was laid out in 1905 near the Konstitutsii square. The park was created by locals under guidance of I. M. Orlovsky the great enthusiast and nature-lover. About 60 kinds of rare trees and bushes were planted there. There is the bed of honour in the park 27 soldiers of Red Army, who died in battles against Petljura bandits in January, 1919, and brothers Litvinovy (killed in Myrhorod in April, 1919) are buried there. In 1926 there was placed the monument to T.G.Shevchenko. In 1943 officers and soldiers of Red Army, who died in Poltava area, and Lieutenant General Zygin also were buried there. In 1967 there was placed a granite stele in honor of formations of Red Army, who liberated Poltava from fascist invaders on September 23, 1943 (architect P.S.Gumitch).