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Symon Vasylyovych Petliura

Symon Vasylyovych Petliura (May 10, 1879 May 25, 1926) was a publicist, writer, journalist, Ukrainian politician, statesman, and national leader who led Ukraine's struggle for independence following the Russian Revolution of 1917.

During the period of Ukrainian independence in 19181920, he was Head of the Ukrainian State.

On May 25, 1926 Petliura was slain with five shots from a handgun in a broad-light by the Russian anarchist of Jewish origin Sholom Schwartzbard in the center of Paris. According to several political parties in Ukraine such as the Ukrainian People's Party Schwartzbard is considered as a Soviet spy (NKVD). About the fact that assassination of Petliura was a special operation of GPU was acknowledged by a defected KGB operative and World War II veteran Peter Deriabin during his speech to US Congress.