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Mykola Pylchykov

M. Pylchykov was a Ukrainian physicist, experimenter and inventor. He was a son of Ukrainian public and cultural activist, pedagogue Dmytro Pylchykov.
A professor of Kharkiv and Odessa Universities, Kharkiv Institute of Technology.

The author of works on geophysics, optics, radio. He investigated the Kursk magnetic anomaly. One of the firsts who began studying radioactivity, X-ray and radio control. Mykola Pylchykov is the author of 18 scientific works, inventor of more than 25 original devises and different equipment, creator of differential hydrometer, thermostat, seismograph, refractometer.

Studying at only second course of a physic-chemical department of the Kharkiv University he invented electric phonograph. M. Pylchykov was one of the initiators of metrological station building in Kharkiv, where he conducted his practical lessons and own researchers. In 1899-190 he made first experimental investigations of radioactivity and launched a new branch of science - nuclear physics. Pylchykov constructed so called radio protector to safe radio transmission from interception.