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Mykola Gnedych

Mykola Gnedych was born on February 2, 1784 in Poltava.

He entered the Moscow University, where he studied 3 years. There he seriously learnt Latin and Greek literature, read much Shakespeare and Schiller and showed real declamatory gift performing at university theatre.

Before moving to Petersburg from Moscow, to find a new place he managed to publish two original tragedies ("Abufard" by Dusic and "Fiesco's Conspiracy at Genoa" by Schiller) and one novel about the life of Spanish people, full of terrible crimes and adventures. In Petersburg Gnedych worked in the department of the Ministry of Public Enlightenment. And in 1811 he became a member of Russian Academy and appointed a librarian of the public library.

Gnedych's prose shows high education and taste, and his translation of folk Modern Greek songs are distinguished by purity and power of language. But Gnedych is famous mostly due to his translation of "The lliad".

On February 3, 1833 Gnedych died, his ashes were buried at a cemetery of Oleksandr Nevsky Monastery.