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Marusya Churay

Maria or Marusya Churay (16251653) was a semi-mythical Ukrainian Baroque composer, poet, and singer. She has become a recurrent motif in Ukrainian literature and the songs ascribed to her are widely performed in Ukraine.

Very little is known of her life. She was a native of Poltava, and is regarded as the author as well as the subject of the well-known Ukrainian folk song "Oi Ne Khody Hrytsiu Tai na Vechornytsi" (Hryts, Don't Go to the Evening Dances) known in the West as the song "Yes, My Darling Daughter".

According to the mythology surrounding Churai, she was in love with a Cossack named Hryts. Her love was not returned, and she prepared a poison potion for herself, which Hryts drank by accident before she could get to it. She was accused of murder, and stood trial. The exact verdict was unknown, but she is believed to have spent some time in incarceration, before being released or amnestied, commonly believed due to her reputation as a singer-songwriter.