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Olena Ubyivovk

O. Ubyivovk was born on November 22, 1918 in Poltava, in a family of a doctor. She was Ukrainian.

During the Great Patriotic War she created an underground organization "Undefeated Poltavchanka" in a period of the Nazi occupation. Together with her comrades, she gathered weapons and conducted antifascism agitation among Poltava citizens.

On May 6, 1942 all the most active members of that group were arrested. Lialia Ubyivovk was among them. She was tortured and examined 26 times. On May 26, 1942 after severe tortures, she was shot together with other five group members behind the municipal cemetery of Poltava.

On May 8, 1965 Lialia Ubyivovk was awarded (posthumously) the title Hero of the Soviet Union for courage and heroism in a struggle against Nazi invaders.

On October 28, 1967 the granite monument to "Undefeated Poltavchanka" was erected.

Also an asteroid of a main belt was named in her honor - 2164 Lialia.