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Andriy «Verka Serdjuchka» Danilko

Ukrainian comic actor, singer and television anchorman. Danilko received the Raykin cup and 2nd place on singing contest Eurovision-2007 (Helsinki). Andriy is the honorary citizen of Poltava and received the status of the People's Artist of Ukraine (in 2008).

Ivan Kotlyarevsky

Ivan Petrovych Kotlyarevsky is the classic of new Ukrainian literature. He is the auther of first pure national masterpieces — «Aeneid» and «Natalka-Poltavka» — which signed the beginning of new epoch of our culture history.

Klara Luchko

Soviet, Russian and Ukrainian actress known for her roles in the Soviet cinema.

Marusya Churay

The legendary folk singer, poetess and composer of Bohdan Khmelnytsky epoch; her name is one of the first among outstanding figures of those times.

Mykola Gnedich

The Russian poet and famous translator of «Iliad» was born in Poltava in 1784. The idyll «Fishers» by Gnedich is supposed to be the best one of his other original works — there are classic descriptions of St. Petersburg «white nights», which are mentioned by Pushkin in his «Eugene Onegin» notes.

Mykola Pilchikov

M. Pilchikov was the outstanding physic-theorist of the end of XIX – the beginning of XX century, experimenter, inventor and founder of radio-mechanic. Mykola Pilchikov worked as a professor in Kharkov and Odessa universities, and researched Kursk Magnetic Anomaly.

Mykola Yaroshenko

Yaroshenko is very famous person – he was an active and outstanding Peredvizhnik-artist. The Yaroshenko Art Museum (the art gallery) collection was based on the great artist works.

Olena «Lyalya» Ubiyvovk

Lyalya_Ubiyvovk was the chairman of the underground Komsomol organization «Nepokorennaya Poltavchanka»(the Unsubdued Poltava citizen) in 1941-1942. He was awarded posthumously with a title of the Hero of the Soviet Union (1965).


Paisius Velichkovsky (Petro Ioanovych) – Ukrainian orthodox theologian, monk, the Archimandrite, the saint (canonized in 1988).

Sasha Putrya

Sasha (Oleksandra) Putria – young talented artist, who died at 11 years old from leukemia. The author of the great number of works and many awards owner.

Simon Petljura

Simon Petljura was the outstanding Ukrainian political and military figure, the leader of Ukrainian social-democratic workers party, the chairman of the Directory UNR (1919-1929) and the main ataman of the UNR army.

Vera Holodnaya

The outstanding actress of the beginning of XX century; Vera Kholodnaya created parts of beautiful, sad, deceived and misunderstood woman. Each of «the cinema queen» parts was met with unfailing ovations of admirers and worshippers of her unprecedented beauty.

Yuriy Kondratjuk

One of the cosmonautics founders; he calculated the moonflight optimal trajectory at the beginning of XX century. These calculations were used by American astronauts during the moonflight program creation.

Yuriy «Tarapun'ka» Timoshenko

The outstanding stage director, actor and participant of the postwar comedy duet «Shtepsel i Tarapun’ka», the People’s Artist of Ukrainian SSR.