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Museum of local lore

The Poltava Museum of Local Lore one of the oldest museums of Ukraine was founded in 1891 by professor Vasily Dokuchaev as a museum of Poltavskaya province Nature and History. The museum collection base consists of Elena Skrzhitskaya library and museum exhibits, and collection of Pavel Bobrovsky oriental antiquities.

Today there are several show halls in the museum. They are: Nature hall, Archeology hall, Ethnography hall, halls of History (XIV — beginning of XX cent.; XX — beginning of XXI cent.). Also, there is a hall called «Treasury» — here can be found the most unique objects — near 300’000 exhibits.

The museum occupies a house of former province zemstvo (a form of local government). This house was built by architect V. Krychevsky in 1903-1908. The house shows Ukrainian Modern style and has traditional ornaments in frontage decoration. Along the frontage there are Poltavskaya province towns coats of arms. Highly artistic paintings are made by famous Ukrainian artists Serhii Vasylkivsky and Nikolai Samokish.

The building of Poltava museum of the local lore is entered in the State list of Ukraine Landscapes.