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Museum of Heavy Bomber Aviation

The branch of the National Military History Museum of Ukraine - The Museum of Heavy Bomber Aviation was established on September 1, 2016 in accordance with the order of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine No. 192 dated 11.04.2016. But the beginning of the exposition formation can be considered to be 1987, next to the educational building of the 185 Guards heavy bomber aircraft regiment for eternal parking, a legendary Tu-16 aircraft was installed. In the future, the museum's open-air exposition expanded, and today the museum consists of a park zone where the "Flag APU Flag Alley", "Alley of Heroes of the 184th Guards BPAU", "Alley of Anti-aircraft Artillery Arms"; an exposition that occupies 13 rooms of the room, which tells about the history and world significance of heavy bomber aviation in Poltava, and open parking of aviation equipment.

Only here is the unique in the world museum exhibit - Tu-160 "White Swan" (according to NATO classification - "Blackjack") and the only aircraft in Ukraine Tu-95MS (according to NATO classification - "Bear"), as well as aircraft Tu-22M3, Tu-22, Tu-16, Tu-134UBL, Su-15, An-2; helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-2.