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Botanical garden of Poltava National Pedagogical V. G. Korolenko University

The garden is situated in eastern relief part of Poltava. There are several parts of the garden; they are: the arboretum, the department of flowers and decorative plants, the Ukrainian floriculture museum, the green class, Alpine hill, the department of agricultural and medicinal plants, fruit garden.

Literary Memorial Museum of I. P. Kotlyarevsky

The museum is situated in an old house which is considerent to belong to famous poet and dramatist V. V. Kapnyst. This museum building is listed at National Landscapes catalogue.

Literary Memorial Museum of Panas Myrny

The museum of famous classic of Ukrainian literature is placed in the house where Panas Rudchenko – real name of Panas Myrny – lived and worked in 1903-1920.

Literary Memorial Museum of V. G. Korolenko

The museum complex consists of: writer’s memorial place (end of XIX – beginning of XX centuries history monument), outbuilding with showroom, and graves of Korolenko and his wife at the territory of the city Victory-park.

Museum of Heavy Bomber Aviation

The museum consists of 13 halls of exposition and parking of airplanes in the open air. In the museum there are unique exhibits: Tu-160, Tu-95MS Tu-22M3, Tu-22, Tu-16, Tu-134UBL, Su-15, An-2; helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-2.

Museum of local lore

One of the oldest museums of Ukraine. It was founded as a Nature Historical museum of Poltavskaya province in 1891. There are more than 300’000 exhibits.

N. Yaroshenko Art Museum

In 1999 the museum moved to a new hall. Today there are more than 9’000 exhibits of fine arts. On the ground floor there is Sasha Putrya exibition of children art.

Poltava Gravimetric Observatory of the Institute of Geophysics named after S. I. Subbotin

Poltava Observatory was founded in the spring of 1926.

Before 1938, the Observatory had done a heavy workload on the gravimetric mapping the territory of Ukraine. During the 1930-1997 - the research of tidal deformations of the Earth. Since 2001, there are the GPS observations.

Signal Corps Museum of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The museum of aircraft and cosmonautics

Six halls of the museum contain personals of cosmonauts, models of space ships and visual aids – these are almost 4’000 exhibits.

The Museum of Poltava Battle history

The Museum of Poltava Battle history was founded in 1909 in honor of the Battle bicentenary. The battle between armies of Sweden king Karl XII and Russian Empire Peter I took place on June 27 (July 8), 1709.

The museum of Poltava region Department of Internal Affairs

The museum started its work in 1967 after opening a museum room at the region department of internal affairs. It was one of the first militsya museums for that time.

The Museum-Place of I. P. Kotlyarevsky

Place of famous Ukrainian writer I. P. Kotlyarevsky – his cozy commemorative complex consists of the writer house, a ched, a barn and a shadoof. There are five rooms with the most accurately reconstructed interior in the house.