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Tomb of I. P. Kotlyarevsky

According to the poet’s whish, he was buried at the edge of Poltava cemetery, near the road to Kobeliaki (near Kobeliatska St. – Yevropeyska St. now).

The first tombstone was erected in 1839 by means of P. Steblin-Kaminskyi. That was not big, crowned with a cross, brick column on a square pedestal with the inscription on the copper plate: “Major Kotliarevsky, the author of Aeneid in Little Russian dialect, was born on August 29, 1769, died on October 29, 1838”.


In 1869 the tombstone was restored, the fencing was built, the copper plate and the inscription were replaced. Next restoration of the monument was made in 1881.

In 1893 Poltava province council appropriated for building of new monument 1 thousand rubles. Collecting of donation was begun then. The monument was opened in 1898.


The monument is a granite obelisk made of black marble, standing on the figured pedestal. The authors are sculptor L. Pozen and artist V. Volkov. On the facade there is bas-relief of Kotliarevsky’s face in laureate wreath (cast by students of the province trade school). Below there are words of T. Shevchenko to the eternal memory of Kotliarevsky.

Obelisk was crowned with the cross, which was replaced by four-sided cone-shaped unit in 1938, and the bas-relief was moved to joint. The monument and the tomb were surrounded by a metal fence, which was removed in 1967. In 1969 the granite approaches were built. The granite plates were restored and polished, inscriptions were re-gilded.


After the liquidation of the cemetery (1937) the tomb is situated at the corner of the streets Mazepy and R. Kirichenko.