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between Yakovchansky and Malobudyschensky forests

Monuments at redoubts places on the Battle Field

On the battle eve on the Field of the Great Poltava Battle by the order of the tsar Peter I ten redoubts were constructed. Each of them was the earthy wall 3 m high, closed on all sides and surrounded by deep moat. The redoubt area 502 m.

The distance between the redoubts was equal to arms shot 300 m. Inner space held from 120 to 150 soldiers and 1-2 guns.

The redoubts played great role in the significant period of the battle. The Swedish army had to storm every fortification separately. It broke their orderly battle line, made them attackable.

Single redoubts had been widely used long ago, but the system of earth fortification was applied at the Poltava Battle for the first time.

In 1909 one redoubt was rebuilt to its original form for the 200th anniversary of the Poltava Battle by cadets headed by Georgiy Laghari the lecturer of the military strategy from Petrovsky Poltava Cadet Corps.

The granite obelisks were established instead of the concrete redoubts in 1939.