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Monument to undefeated Poltava citizens

«Undefeated Poltavchanka» – underground Komsomol youth organization of Poltava, which was founded in November 1941. It consisted of 20 persons including one communist, 5 Komsomol members and 14 non-party young people. One of its heads was pioneer leader from Poltava secondary school ą 10, the Komsomol member Ye. Ubyivovk. Underground organizations of Machuhy, Abazovka, Marianovka, Shkurupii joined «Undefeated Poltavchanka».

The organization had two radio receivers, which were used for receiving and public broadcasting Radioinformburo reports. Also the members of the organization produced and distributed anti-fascist leaflets. More than 2 thousand items of different types were released. The group of patriots also participated in liberation of Soviet prisoners of war, broke up several delivering of youth to Germany, prepared acts of sabotage.

On May 6, 1942 the Gestapo arrested active members of the organization including «Undefeated Poltavchanka» headquarters. Ubyivovk also was among them. Everybody was shot and the organization was liquidated.

In 1965 Lialia Ubyivovk was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

In 1967 the monument to Undefeated Poltava citizens was erected in Poltava.

Oles Honchar devoted one of his books to Soviet patriots, dramatist Petr Lubentsky wrote the play «Undefeated Poltavchanka».