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Monument to M. V. Gogol

The wellknown writer Nikolay Gogol (1809-1852) was born in the village Great Sorochintsy in Poltava region. When he lived in Petersburg, he arrived to the mother in the family nest of Yanovschina many times. During summer rest he described the village of Dikan’ka, Mirgorod squires, Dnipro-river. In such a way genius creations was appeared: «The evenings on a farm near Dikan’ka», «Taras Bulba», «The night before Christmas», «Drowned woman», «Mirgorod», «Inspector», «Dead souls». In 1934 when the 125th birth anniversary of Gogol was marked, the monument to the writer was erected. The sculptor of L. Pozen made the project of the monument free of charge. The height of the monument is 3,5 meters. A bronze sculpture is set on a high pedestal. A pencil is in his right hand, a notebook is in the left one, a cloak is on the shoulder. The monument is not far from the theater named by N. Gogol. Great love to the native land was carried by the writer through all his life. And the great humorist has been laughing till now, and even his birthday is on April, 1.