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crossing of Kotlyarevsky and Nebesnoy sotni streets

Monument to I. P. Kotlyarevsky

The opening of the monument to the classic of new Ukrainian literature Ivan Kotlyarevsky (1769-1838) took plase on August, 30, 1903. The bronze bust of the writer is erected on a high pedestal. The lower part of the pedestal has three characters bronze reliefs with representing main heroes of his works «Natalka-Poltavka», «Aeneid», «Moskal the Sorcerer». The sculptor L. Pozen made the bust and high reliefs free of charge. The architect Shershov created the project of the pedestal. The Sculptor P. Pevnyy, the arti-st V. Volkov, the archi-tect A. Zinov’ev took part in the prosecution of the monument. The height of the monument is 5,7 meters. The monument is a masterpiece of the Ukrainian sculptural art.