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Zygina square

Monument to A. I. Zygin

The monument to this valorous 47-years-old general was erected in 1957. In the years of the World War II he commanded the 4th guards army which released the Left-bank Ukraine from the German. Since 1942 he commanded 58, 39, 4th armies. The brave commander was buried in the Petrovsky park of our city. In 1969 his remains were moved to the Memorial complex of Soldier’s Glory, in Kotlyarevsky park.

The monument to Zygin is located in the central part of the city, at the end of Zhovtneva street. This square bears his name. It is a bronze sculpture on a cylinder reinforced concrete pedestal. There are bronze bas-reliefs with representing episodes of the Great Patriotic war. There is an inscription on it: «Lieutenant-general Alex Ivanovich Zygin. 1896-1943». The sculptors represented the glorified general in a bronze as if he is walking. Athletic internal force, confidence is felt in the figure. The authors are the sculptors L. Kerbel, V. Zakharov. Zygin had passed the battle way from the commander of company to the general. He was awarded by the orders of Lenin, the order of the Red Flag, the order of the Red Star and others. He had managed to do very much during his short life.