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Korpusny park, Sobornosti street

Monument of Glory

The monument of Glory is situated in the place, where Poltavites had met Peter  the following day after Poltava battle. It was erected on June, 27 in 1811 in the center of the Round square. It was built on the project of the architect Thomas de Thomon. The first projects belong to the provincial architect M.Amvrosimov. The sculptor F. Shchedrin created all the bronze parts and the eagle.

The monument of Glory is an 11 cast-iron column. It has two meters in diameter at the base. There are three chaplets from laurel, oak and palm leaves. They symbolize a sadness after lost and grandeur of victory. The column is set on the pedestal from polished labradorit. 18 castiron cannons are put out of granite pedestal. The gilded bronze eagle with a laurel wreath in its beak crowns the monument (the wing span is about 3 m). The total value of the monument was over 150 thousands of rub.The overall height is about 17 . The monument locks the prospect of eight streets of the city and creats an accomplished ansemble.

It is impossible today to imagine Poltava without the Monument of Glory. It is a symbol of the city and its beauty