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Bust of A. D Butovsky

The memorial sign was erected in honor of Baron A. Butovsky, who revived the Olympic games, together with Pierre De Coubertin, in XIX century.

Memorial complex of Soldier Glory

Poltava warriors, who gave their life defending the city during fascists invention, were buried there.

Memorial of Marusya Churay

Second name of the monument is the memorial sign to Ukrainian song. The monument presents legendary Marusya Churay. She had unusually beautiful voice and wrote many songs, which became loved by whole Ukrainian people.

Memorial of Poltavska Galushka

The monument was exposed on 1 April, 2006; it was listed as the city symbol.

Memorial Rotunda

The rotunda in honor of fallen participants of the Great Battle; it was built at the territory of the state reserve “The Field of Poltava Battle” in 2009 in honor of 300 anniversary of the Great Battle.

Monument at the rest-place of Peter I

The monument was erected at place where Peter I had rest on the second day after the Battle victory.

Monument of Glory

The monument is situated in the middle of Poltava Round Square. It was erected in 1805-1811 in honor of 100 anniversary of the Great Battle of Poltava.

Monument to A. I. Zygin

The monument was erected in 1957 in honor of lieutenant general A. I. Zygin, who was an active participant of the World War I and Great Patriotic War.

Monument to A. S. Pushkin

The monument is erected in honor of Russian poet A. S. Pushkin. His life was closely connected with Ukraine and Poltava region. The poet bust was exposed in 1987 in Birch square.

Monument to defenders of Poltava (to A. S. Kelyn)

Was erected in 1909 at place of 4 bastion of Poltava fortress. The monument is devoted to the Battle bicentenary.

Monument to died Ukrainian Cossacks

The monument of cossack glory was opened in 1994 on the Panyansky boulevard. In such a way Poltavites gave the contribution to the glorious sons of native land, which gave the lives for Ukraine in old times.

Monument to I. P. Kotlyarevsky

Exposition of the monument was timed to 100 birthday of “Aeneid” poem. That was the first monument to the great Ukrainian poet. There is a pedestal with bronze bust of I. P. Kotlyarevsky, decorated with bronze wreath and ribbons, which symbolize respect and memory.

Monument to M. V. Gogol

The monument consists of a bronze sculpture – meditative writer is sitting on a chair with opened book on his knee in one hand and pencil in another.

Monument to N. Sklifosovsky

The monument to outstanding scientist and surgeon is placed at the territory of Poltava region clinical hospital. On granite pedestal there is an inscription: “From surgeons of Soviet Ukraine and grateful citizens of Poltava”.

Monument to Peter I

In front of the museum entrance there is a monument to Peter I – the bronze full-size sculpture of the tsar.

Monument to Swedes from Russians

The monument was erected in 1909 – 200 years after the Great Battle of Poltava – in honor of 7’000 died Swedish warriors.

Monument to Swedes from their compatriots

The monument to fallen Swedish warriors was erected in 1909, right before the celebration of the Battle bicentenary; Swedish architect Theodore Lundberg is the author of the monument.

Monument to T. G. Shevchenko

The monument to the great Ukrainian poet Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko is erected in front of the Museum of the local lore in Petrovsky park. the monumental figure is the poet is rises from stone bars like from huge rocks.

Monument to undefeated Poltava citizens

The monument was erected in honor of «Undefeated Poltavchanka» youth group participants, who died in Gestapo dungeons.

Monuments at redoubts places on the Battle Field

Right before the Great Battle of Poltava there were erected 10 redoubts; in 1939, at place of formers redoubts, there were erected granite obelisks.

Podol watchtower

The tower was built for viewing the surrounding territory. Modern wooden watchtower (8 meters high) was reconstructed with help of sketches of XVIII century.

Russian warriors Bed of Honor

On the second day after Poltava Battle there were buried 1345 Russian warriors in Bed of Honor. In 1849 the monument above the grave was erected.

Tomb of I. P. Kotlyarevsky

The tomb of the famous poet of Poltava is situated at the city cemetery. On the tomb there is a granite obelisk with bronze portrait of I. Kotlyarevsky.