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Dormition Cathedral

At place of modern Dormition cathedral, which was a centre of Poltava fortress, there was an old wooden Dormition church. The last testimonials of its existence were made in 1695. In 1748 the decision about raising a stone cathedral was taken. Building works were finished in 1770. That was the first stone built cathedral of Poltava. In 10 years the cathedral was rebuilt — two more domes were added above the altar and that is how the cathedral became five-domed. In 1847 the city cathedral became the mother church. There were five thrones in the cathedral. They were: the main throne of Dormition of Virgin Mary, the throne of Peter and Paul the Apostles, the throne of the Prophet Elijah, the throne of the Archistratigus Michael and the throne of the Great Martyr St. Barbara. In 1934 the cathedral was ruined, during the war. But the belfry, which was 144 ft. high, was saved with the help of God. It stayed as empty ruins till our days. In 1999 the cathedral was decided to be restored, as a part of 1100 anniversary of Poltava celebrations. The architectural project was created by V. Trigubov. The new cathedral is 37, 5 m. high and has 7 bells, founded in Poltava. Restoring works were finished in 2005; the city museum was replaced inside of the cathedral new building.