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Zin'kivska st., 16

Chapel at place of country camp

The chapel of the saint great martyr Jury the Victorious is the landmark of local significance (str. Zenkivska, 16). It was raised in 1911-1914, in honor of meeting of Poltava province representatives with Nicolas II in 1909, during celebrations of bicentenary of the Great Battle of Poltava (projected by I. A. Kalbus). The chapel has an area of 9 square meters and that is why can’t be used for serving the liturgy. To the east of the chapel there is enough space for building the church complex of the saint great martyr Jury the Victorious. This complex will include a church, the chapel (which is already built), a baptistery and a pavilion with a well for water consecration. In 2000 Poltava civilian authority allowed the baptistery building and disassembling of the temporal accretion to the chapel. The baptistery is a house of 40 square meters. Its architect, Valery Tregubov, projected the baptistery in the chapel style. The chapel’s perish plan to serve the liturgy there till the church is built.