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Architecture composition of Round square

One of the most attractive objects of tourst routs around Poltava is the architectural complex of the Round Square. Projects of province towns classic buildings are gathered in one coplex only here, in Poltava — this complex of province classicism architecture is the unique and the only at the territory of CIS.

Chapel at place of country camp

The chapel of the saint great martyr Jury the Victorious is the landmark of local significance (str. Zenkivska, 16). It was raised in 1911-1914, in honor of meeting of Poltava province representatives with Nicolas II in 1909, during celebrations of bicentenary of the Great Battle of Poltava.

Chapel of Pantheleymon Saint

The church was built in 1999 in honor of the 1100th anniversary of Poltava as memory about countrymen which sleep in Poltava earth.

Church of the Saviour

Earlier, the oldest church of the region of Poltava was only a small side-chapel of Transfiguration of the Savior cathedral, which was placed at the territory of the Khrestovozdvizhensky monastery.

Dormition Cathedral

The modern Dormition Cathedral is not blessed. There is a belfry, which was blessed in 1787 in this belfry a temple functioned there long after the church itself was ruined.

Khrestovozdvizhensky monastery

Poltava solitary monastery in honor of Exaltation of Honest and Healing Cross of God was found in 1650, as memorial of Bohdan Khmelnytsky first victories in the battle with Poland.

Makaryyvska church

Was raised in 1901-1904, near Kobyschana. The church was sanctified in 1904, in honour of saint martyr Makariy Kanevsky — the archimandrite Ovrutsky and the wonder-worker of Pereyaslavl. The church side-chapel was raised in honour of Ilya the prophet.

Sampsonyyvska church

The church foundation took place in 1852. The building was blessed in 1856 in honor of Saint Samson the Hospitable.

Temple of Saints Faith, Hope and Charity

The temple in honour of the Great Martyrs — Sts. Sophia and her Three Daughters, Faith, Hope, and Charity — was founded in 2002. The new-raised temple was sanctified by Phillip — the Bishop of Poltava and Kremenchug. The Classicism style five-domed temple is crowned by 17 feet high cross. There are 7 bells iside of decorative domes.

The House of Nobiliary and Village Bank

Today the building is reckoned among examples of Russian Modern architecture style and has a status of the national landmark.

The House of Poltava province Zemstvo

The building of Zemstvo was sanctified in November, 1908. After all building and decorating works had been finished, it was immediately appreciated as the outstanding architectural masterpiece, which underlined architecture of the historical part of Poltava.

Voznesenska church

The one-domed church of the Ascension was raised in 1762, near Pushkarevka village; colonel I. Chernyak gave money for the church building. The beauty of the church is the example of leaving Baroque for Classic.

White Rotunda

At the old Poltava fortress territory, right at the Podol bastion place, there was built the White Rotunda, in honor of bicentenary of the Great Battle of Poltava (1909). Nowadays any citizen of Poltava can imagine the city without this symbol.