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How to get to Poltava by plane

Airport «Poltava»

Airport «Poltava» is situated in 5 km from the city. The total area of occupied territory is 529 acres. There is one airstrip; the airport capacity is 400 people per hour. Today the airport serves only chartered flights.

Airport «Poltava» inquiry office: +38 (05322) 2-26-86, +38 (050) 630-85-78, +38 (050) 625-77-81

Airport «Boryspil»

International airport «Boryspil» is situated in 29 km from Kiev. The total area of occupied territory is 2’330 acres; there are two airstrips. «Boryspil» is the main air gate of Ukraine; it serves 62% of air pass transportation of the country. The airport is situated at crossing of skyways between Asia, Europe and America. Also, it is the only Ukrainian airport serving transcontinental flights.

There are 42 foreign and 12 Ukrainian air companies which service 84 regular flights (72 foreign and 12 Ukrainian flights) from «Boryspil».

Airport «Boryspil» inquiry office:
+38 (0 900) 11-657-1 (1 minute talk costs 8 UAH not counting connecting price)
+38 (044) 585-72-54 (free information about planes schedule for period of 24 hours)

The airport «Boryspil» website: href="" target="_blank">