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36039, Poltava, str. Pushkina, 32

tel. (05322) 7-90-66,

Poltava regional Academic Puppet Theater

In Pushkin St. favorite rest place of young Poltavites is situated Poltava Region Puppet Theater. Its modern building was specially constructed there for and its a good example of Ukrainian folk architecture.

Many generations grew up on fairy tales and adventures played on its stage. During its functioning it gave children more than 150 performances, which were watched by approximately 8 million people.

Poltava Puppet Theater started its activity in 1939. M. Zaslavsky was the initiator of the theater creation and became its first director. For a long period of time the theater worked in various accommodations of Poltava. And only in 1983 there was built specialized «Kazkovy Palats» (Tale Palace) for the puppet theater. This event was very significant not only for Poltava but for all Ukraine. In 2009 the theater was given academic status. Repertoire — 18 children shows based on classic works — «Rizdvyana Nich» (Christmas Night), «Rusalon’ka» (The Little Mermaid), «Pan Kotsky», «Tygrenya Petryk» (The Little Tiger Petryk), etc.