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36020, Poltava, str. Sobornosti, 23

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Poltava regional Academic Ukrainian Gogol Theater of musical drama

The theater in Poltava was created in 1818 year. Ivan Kotlyarevsky, the outstanding classic of new Ukrainian literature, became the first director of the theatre. In 1936 there was created the Ukrainian theater of music and drama in Poltava, based on the Kharkov musical theater. It was named the State theater of musical drama, and in 1937 it became the regional theater. After the Second World War the theater was moved to a house, which was projected and built specially for the theater purposes (project by O. Kyrylova and O. Malashenko). In 1958, as a part of celebrating 100 anniversary of Mykola Gogol birthday, the theater was named after the great writer. The theater auditorium seats 800 spectators. In 2006 year — 70th anniversary of the theater — it was given the status of an academic theater. Repertoire — Ukrainian, Russian and international classic drama (specialization — works of M. V. Gogol)