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Restaurants & Catering

Restaurant Vivat Province

The restaurant offers fine European cuisine. The restaurant has three rooms: the main - 60 seats, banquet - 10 seats, beer - 12 seats. For those who wishing to relax in the fresh air on the territory located two summer courts and cozy pavilions near the lake.

Pobivanka country, str. Zin'kovska, 3A (on PoltavaDikan'ka road)

Phone: +38 (0532) 65-55-56, +38 (067) 532-15-50.

Restaurant Halereya

The restaurant has 26 seats, serves the national Ukrainian cuisine.

Str. Europeyska, 7.

Tel.: +38 (0532) 56-16-97.

Restaurant Palazzo

Restaurant Palazzo embodies everything that could want in a real gourmet restaurant. Elegant interior in classic style, soft music and artfully composed the menu the perfect combination for great delight. Connoisseurs of European and Japanese cuisine will always find a menu favorite dishes and tempting new items.

Str. Hoholya, 33.

Tel.: +38 (0532) 61-08-50.

Restaurant Raffinato

Restaurant offers European and Italian cuisines. At the disposal of the visitor a rich collection of wines, tea and dessert card. Classical interior design in soft shades of olive, refined furnishings and impeccable serving will create a festive atmosphere.

Str. Sobornosti, 57.

Tel.: +38 (0532) 57-97-37.

Cafe-bar at the tourist complex Turist

Str. Mira, 12.

Tel.: +38 (0532) 57-25-77, +38 (05322) 7-89-23.

Canteen on the str. Sobornosti, 33

Str. Sobornosti, 33.

Tel.: +38 (05322) 7-91-28.